There are a lot of methods of glass decorating. Ellart company decorates glass by bonding lead strips to filled with various colour foils, by gluing beveled elements of glass to glass (bevels, blasting, gluing colorful see through „transparent” glass pieces),fusing and cold painting


We offer a wide range of patterns. Our products are of very high quality. They are resistant to different mechanical and weather conditions. Films for stained glass are made of top quality polyester, protected by several layers of UV filters that make them color fade resistant.


Due to our unique innovative technology, our products are affordable and all services are offered on timely manner.

We offer stained glass work for variety of furniture, outer and inner doors, windows, mirrors and for interior decorations.



Self adhesive lead tape was created to be used on smooth inside and outside glass surfaces. By using lead tape, one can create stained glass with no need to cut or braze it. Self adhesive lead tape can be used with double layered glass elements (in accordance with norm B.S.5713.) when producing glass furniture panels and glass door panels. It also can be applied in already manufactured windows.


The beveled glass elements are made of 5mm flat glass with beveled edges 1.5 mm thick. Thin external edges enable ideal connection between lead strip and coloured self adhesive film. Using beveled glass with the lead strip and colour films creates stunning 3D effects. Rays of sunshine passing through bevels create beautiful rainbow-like pictures. Ellart company uses Bevel glass elements in a wide range of sizes and dimensions as well as in sets consisting of several elements. Bevels are applied on single glass sheets with adhesive hardened with UV rays. Bevels are applied on the outer side of exterior glass. This means that bevels should always be placed outside in the case of glass doors or windows. Recently we added three new shades (brown, blue and green) to our colored bevels collection.

Beveled glass integrated with the lead strip and colour film creates stunning 3D result in addition to an extraordinary final product.


Colour films for stained glass such as RegaLead, Dectra Glow, 3M and Oracal are self-adhesive . Manufacturers have used the top-quality adhesive agent. These films are resistant to weather conditions (moisture, extreme temperatures, high exposure to sunlight). The dye applied in the manufacturing process of the film is fade-resistant. The film surface is additionally protected with four layers of UV filters. This additional protection absorbs 90% of the natural UV radiation. Access to various colors, textures and top-quality films produced by the above companies makes the final product manufactured by Ellart company of the highest-quality.


Since 2008, Ellart company has incorporated fusing as one of the techniques used in glass staining. Glass fusing is the technique used to join glass pieces together by partly melting the glass using high temperatures. Access to over one hundred various colors and five different techniques of glass fusing results in a great final product. Using the fusing method in glass decorating process creates stunning 3D effects. Pieces of glass used in the above process are smooth and polished, therefore they easily bond with glass by using UV adhesive. Our glass fused product is resistant to various weather conditions, moisture and diverse temperature. It can be cleaned with regular cleaning products used for glass.